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Indonesian language

Learning a second language is a valuable process for students.

Indonesian is taught throughout the Fleurieu Peninsula including here at Victor Harbor R–7 School,

Mr Tyne Crickmar

OCRE 5 Year 7, Mr Tyne Crickmar


Tyne Chase Crickmar was born on the 11th of December 1993. He enrolled at Victor Harbor R-7, and has many memories of this wonderful school. He studied a Health Science and Education degree at Flinders University. He applies small activities he has learnt through his time at school, called ‘Brain Breaks’. He started teaching at the age of 22 in 2016. He values each student as an individual and has an independent learning approach. This makes his teaching not only more exciting, but also easier to understand and more enjoyable. Tyne enjoys teaching physical education and visual arts. He is dedicated to respect and fair actions. In the classroom he uses the system of ‘class currency’, rewarding good behaviour and auctioning small items at the end of each week. He is currently teaching in room 5 of the new building, teaching upper primary.


Written and interviewed by Ryan Johnson and Mathilda Meinecke - Year 7


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  • Mr Tyne Crickmar