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Indonesian language

Learning a second language is a valuable process for students.

Indonesian is taught throughout the Fleurieu Peninsula including here at Victor Harbor R–7 School,

Mrs Jan Robins's class

GREEN 5 Year 3, Mrs Jan Robins


Mrs Robins


Mrs Robins has been teaching Reception-Year 6 for 40 years at five different schools and she is 61 years old. She used to play netball, lacrosse and also did swimming, dance and the gym. Now Mrs Robins does yoga and goes to the gym.


Her favourite animal is a cat, however Mrs Robins doesn’t have a pet cat or dog and blue is her favourite colour. Water is Mrs Robins’ favourite drink and avocado is her favourite food. Mrs Robins likes to drink green tea and likes to eat strawberries.


She enjoys watching AFL football and goes for the Adelaide Crows. Mrs Robins also enjoys cooking and knitting.


Mrs Robins knows hundreds of people in the Victor Harbor R-7 School. Her friend teacher is Mrs Simon.


Author: Year 3 student


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  • Jan Robins