Collage with Guest Illustrator 2015

A fantastic and educational artwork has been created at our School. For a week in early September, Literary Illustrator Liz Anelli worked with school staff to engage students in creative activities. Liz is visiting South Australia after being awarded a Fellowship by the May Gibbs Children’s literature Trust. Our school has a long history with the Trust and promoting connections with literary authors and illustrators. Children of all ages attending the school were invited class by class to ‘WULK-URMI’ (the school library). Here they could meet Liz, explore her illustrative process for the published book ‘Howzat!’ and create a giant collage.

The mixed media collage is a combination of 2D and 3D mini collages and creations assembled by each child. These were created with the view of combining them to form a giant map of how we would like to see Victor Harbor as a community. The students (and many teachers too) were highly engaged in creating their own contributing pieces including trees, people, animals, architecture and sculptures. The map making element extended to skills in geography, design and town planning. There were also interesting discussions about local and Indigenous history plus connections to technology such as recognising the source used for the map. Staff, students and their families are welcome to view and discuss the collage.

Karen Dowling