Police Education Visit

We have been fortunate to have 3 police officers from the Mt Barker Crime Prevention Unit visit over the last two weeks to talk to students about keeping safe, cycling and skating, bullying and violence.

Sergeant Edwards, Senior Constable Bruce and Senior Constable Windle worked with every class in the school and shared the same message across all year levels to ensure consistency in the message delivered.

Thank you to the students who have shared their ideas about their visits below.

The police officer showed us her handcuffs. By Eddie, Reception

She showed us how to call another police officer. You keep pressing 00000 until you get help. By Kai, Reception

We got to see a policemen. Her name was Catherine. She let us see videos. She was cool. By Yvonne, Year 2

We met a police officer. Her name was Catherine. She showed us her gun. She even showed us her handcuffs and she even showed us her bullets. By Henry, Year 2

I like the police because he showed us a video. It was about police men and women. He showed us about a police dog and they are not very friendly because you have to ask a police officer if it’s safe to stroke their dog. By Isla, Year 2

It was very interesting and I learnt a lot more about the rules with helmets. By Riley, Year 5

I now know where we can and can’t ride scooters, skateboards and bikes. By Amelie, Year 6