SAPSASA Swimming Squad 2017

What a year our school team had at the Southern District tryouts last Wednesday. An impressive 26 kids made the school team with 36 training over the last 3 weeks of 2016 and weeks 2 and 3 of 2017. I would like to commend the swimmers for coming out each da y to work on improving their swimming skills and speed.

Our under 10s (Jed, Jai, Katrina, Isabelle, Olivia and Charlie S) were excited to be participating in this for the first time. We had more participants in our under 11s (Jake, Joshua, Mitchell, Charlie M, Jewel, Harry, Monique, Kelsey and Chloe) with many first timers as well. 2005 must have been an excellent year for swimmers with an incredibly competitive group of girls swimming very fast times in all strokes (Ashlee, Taya, Corey, Kayla, Mathilda, Alissa, Amelie and Skye). Charlie N was our only boy for this group and he had a very successful meet. Rounding out our team were our two 13 year olds (Sam and Tate) who gave it their all.

The most impressive part of the day was the fact that all swimmers gave 100% to their race and a comment was made to me about how kind and respectful all VHR-7 swimmers were to officials, parents, teachers and other students.

Congratulations to these swimmers for making the top 6 in our region

13 year olds

Sam- 6th in backstroke, 3rd in butterfly

Tate-5th in breaststroke

12 year olds

Skye- 2nd in 50m freestyle, 2nd in 100m freestyle, 2nd in breaststroke,2nd in backstroke, 2nd in butterfly

Mathilda- 3rd- 50m freestyle, 3rd-100m freestyle, 3rd in breaststroke 3rd in backstroke, 3rd in butterfly

Alissa- 4th in 50m freestyle, 4th in backstroke

Amelie- 6th in 100m freestyle, 5th in backstroke

Charlie N- 2nd in 50m freestyle, 6th in 100m freestyle, 2nd in breast-stroke, 2nd in backstroke

11 year olds

Kelsey- 4th in 50m freestyle, 4th in backstroke, 4th in breaststroke

Harry- 5th in 50m freestyle, 5th in 100m freestyle, 3rd in backstroke, 1st in butterfly

Mitchell- 6th in backstroke

Chloe C- 6th in 50m freestyle, 2nd in backstroke

10 year olds

Jai- 6th in backstroke

Katrina- 6th in 50m freestyle, 4th in backstroke 3rd in breaststroke,

Charlie S- 3rd in 50m freestyle, 6th in breaststroke, 3rd in backstroke

We are waiting to hear who will be representing Southern Districts