Happy Healthy Victor Harbor

Fun health and fitness circuit linked with existing walking trails to enhance community well-being

Total funding requested

How will funding be spent?
The funding will be spent to supply and install outdoor fitness and gym equipment in a circuit around the Victor Harbor R-7 School oval. The site links with popular existing walking trails along the Hindmarsh River and will enable enhanced facilities, open spaces, play spaces and walking trails that support greater levels of physical activity and improved health outcomes; in line with the towns public health plan which identifies overweight and obesity to be a public concern across the region.

How will the project be delivered?
The project will be delivered by school staff and community volunteers. Outdoor fitness equipment will be purchased and installed on school grounds to create a circuit of physical activities. Installation will be in accordance with national standards and will create a safe, accessible environment. Creation of HEALTHY ENVIRONMENTS through quality places and lifestyle opportunities such as this one will enable our school and broader community access to free gym type facilities.

How will the project benefit the region?
Victor Harbor's public health plan requires action to "support communities to be active and socially connected and contribute to the health and well-being of communities (all generations, levels of ability and cultures)". This project helps create liveable and ‘walkable’ places with appealing and good quality public realm, open spaces and community facilities. Linking to existing trails along the Hindmarsh River to enable access to students, families, the broader community and tourists alike!