Calm Kid Central

We have recently signed up for the Calm Kid Central Program at our school.  This program has been fully funded by the federal Department of Health (via SA Country Health Network) and it gives all families with children in Reception to Year 4 at our school access to:

 a)      Child psychologists online – a panel of child psychologists from Developing Minds Psychology clinic in Adelaide are able to answer unlimited questions from you via the online Calm Kid Central “Question Centre”.  Parents/caregivers are able to ask any questions of the panel about their child, child well-being, child development or any other else related to child psychology.  All questions are answered within 48 hours (for 48 weeks of the year).

b)      Over 50 short videos, activity sheets and posters for children on various well-being topics to help them learn to manage worry, reduce frustration and cope with tough life situations (all resources are available to watch/download via any internet enabled device / computer /phone)

c)       Over 50 short videos, discussion questions and articles for parents/carers themselves on various topics about child wellbeing, for example childhood worry, learning, peer relationships, frustration, child sleep issues and many more.

d)      A weekly email to parent/caregivers with a summary of one of the resources on the site, with some “quick ideas” that they can use to support their child’s well-being.

Teachers will also have access to these videos and resources and may be using the child orientated resources in the classroom with your child.

To access this program, go to, scroll down the page and click “sign up” and enter our school’s parent coupon code which is:


 This coupon will provide you with full and free access to the Calm Kid Central program.  Please note that at this point our access to this program is only funded until March 2019.

If you have any questions about the Calm Kid Central program, you are welcome to contact the psychology team behind Calm Kid Central (Developing Minds Psychology) directly at