Cyber Safety Agreement and Policy

Cyber Safety at Victor Harbor R–7 School

Dear Parent/Caregiver,

The measures to ensure the cyber safety of Victor Harbor R-7 School are based on our core values. To assist us to enhance learning through the safe use of information and communication technologies (ICTs), we are now asking you to read this document and sign the attached Use Agreement Form.

Rigorous cyber safety practices are in place, which include cyber safety Use Agreements for staff and students, who have been involved in the development of the agreement. Child protection education, such as the Keeping Safe child protection curriculum, includes information about remaining safe when using new technologies and is provided to all students.

The computer network, Internet access facilities, computers and other ICT equipment/devices bring great benefits to the teaching and learning programs at Victor Harbor R-7 School, and to the effective operation of the school. The ICT equipment is for educational purposes appropriate to this environment, whether it is owned or leased either partially or wholly by the school, and used on or off the site.

The overall goal of Victor Harbor R-7 School is to create and maintain a cyber safety culture that is in keeping with our values and with legislative and professional obligations. The Use Agreement includes information about your obligations, responsibilities, and the nature of possible consequences associated with cyber-safety breaches that undermine the safety of the school environment.

All students will be issued with a Use Agreement and once signed consent has been returned to school, students will be able to use the school ICT equipment.

Material sent and received using the network may be monitored and filtering and/or monitoring software may be used to restrict access to certain sites and data, including e-mail. Where a student is suspected of an electronic crime, this will be reported to the South Australia Police. Where a personal electronic device such as a mobile phone is used to capture images of a crime, such as an assault, the device will be confiscated and handed to the police.

While every reasonable effort is made by schools and DECD administrators to prevent children’s exposure to inappropriate content when using the department’s online services, it is not possible to completely eliminate the risk of such exposure. In particular, DECD cannot filter Internet content accessed by your child from home, from other locations away from school or on mobile devices owned by your child. DECD recommends the use of appropriate Internet filtering software.

More information about Internet filtering can be found on the websites of the Australian Communications and Media Authority, NetAlert, the Kids Helpline and Bullying No Way.

Please contact the Principal if you have any concerns about your child’s safety in using the Internet and/or ICT equipment or devices.