Sports Day 2020

Penny 1080.1, Rumbelow 1073.7, Jenkins 1057.8, Bruce 1035.2

This year our school was very lucky to have a Sports Day due to Covid-19. It didn’t make our Sports Day any less fun. There’s always so many fun activities like high Jump, Shot Put, Court Games, Tug a War and of course the Relays, especially the Teacher Relay. Another part that most people like is dressing up in their colours, Penny-Orange, Rumbelow-Red, Bruce-Green & Jenkins-Yellow. It was great seeing how creative some people get. It was fantastic how everyone put in 100% effort and Penny was just lucky enough to win this year. We thank our parents for their understanding with not being able to cheer on the students this year.

Olivia, Caleb, Lucy, Oliver


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