Reception (0R/1K) Ms Rena Kwong

ORANGE 1 Reception/Year 1, Ms Rena Kwong

Ms Kwong is an awesome teacher. She is a Reception/Year 1 teacher who does Jolly Phonics. She gives lollies out to her class every Friday. Ms Kwong is fun and nice. Her classroom is Orange 1 and it has two bag racks, three dream catchers, a play room and a big castle that has toys and dress ups. The class do Show and Tell. She loves animals of all sorts. She has 3 toy dogs called Kwongy, Chongy and Elliot. They have a suitcase with clothes and a food bowl. Every day someone gets to take Kwongy and Chongy home with them. Elliot can only go home if Kwongy and Chongy are at someone else’s house. Ms Kwong reads books to the class and takes her class on camp to Adare Castle.

By Mackenzie Cogan, Year 2