Reception (0RH) Mrs Fiona Harvey

BLOCK 1 Reception, Mrs Fiona Harvey

Mrs Fiona Harvey is the class teacher on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Mrs Harvey      By Jed Gray, Year 4

Mrs Harvey is a lovely, encouraging teacher who loves watching people grow and learn lots. When Mrs Harvey was younger she played softball, basketball and she used to swim too. A sport she likes to watch is cricket (in the summer). In her spare time Mrs Harvey likes scrapbooking. She loves living in Victor Harbor “because it’s not too busy and Australia has nice weather too”. She loves Hawaii and she wants to go back because there is lovely weather and stunning scenery. Countries she hopes to visit one day are Canada, Egypt, Vietnam, Cambodia and the USA (America).

Mrs Harvey has taught in Whyalla, Adelaide and Mount Compass before she came to Victor Harbor R-7 School. She said “I love teaching Receptions because through the year I love to see them learn and grow”. Mrs Harvey’s favourite subject to teach is SSP (stands for: S-speech / S sound / P pics). She said ‘The worst thing that has ever happened at Victor Harbor R-7 was the fire in 2014’. When I asked Mrs Harvey about what she would like to see in the future at our school she said ‘I would love to see upgrades like updating our buildings and other things’. If Mrs Harvey had a chance to pick a school on the Fleurieu Peninsula to teach at she said she would pick Victor Harbor R-7 School. She said “I love the staff and the kids at this school because they are friendly and happy (mostly)”. Mrs Harvey has been teaching for 30 years and would like to keep teaching.

I hope your child gets a chance to have her teach them for a year!