Year 5 (5R) Mrs Jayne Reilly and Ms Sheena Campbell

OCHRE 6 Year 5, Mrs Jayne Reilly and Ms Sheena Campbell

Mrs Jayne Reilly is the class teacher Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Ms Sheena Campbell is the class teacher on alternate Wednesdays.

Our students would like to tell you about our class.

“We have positive attitudes.”

“There is no bullying in our class.”

“Everyone is nice to each other.”

“We do fun art.”

“We are a sporty class and we enjoy our fitness, PE lessons and playing with equipment at play times.”

“We use fun computer programs that we can access at home to help with our learning.”

“We have been learning about different environments and caring for environments.  We use different bins in our class to recycle and reduce our classroom waste.”

“I enjoy most subjects and my favourite is Art.”

“I enjoy writing stories.”

“In Semester 1 we learnt about Africa, South America and the environment in Geography. “ All Year 4s in our school work together for Geography and History.

“I’m looking forward to learning in History next Semester.”

“We enjoy spelling because we learn new words and get lots of challenges.”

“I enjoy ICT because we get to create fun things and I enjoyed Robotics this term.”

“In Science we enjoy experiments.”

“We enjoy participating in activities outside of our classroom, such as Footsteps Dance, body boarding, swimming lessons and sessions with visiting people, like sports people.”

“We are excited about camp in Term 4.”

“We accept new students because we are friendly and helpful.”