Mathematics in the Curriculum

Learning mathematics creates opportunities for students and helps them enrich their lives. The Australian Curriculum develops students’ knowledge and understanding in Numbers and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability.
The curriculum aims to:

  • Foster a love and understanding of the elegance and power of mathematics
  • Ensure students are confident and creative users of mathematics who are able to investigate, represent and interpret information

At Victor Harbor R-7 School our students are taught the skills and knowledge of mathematics and are also provided with opportunities to apply their learning in everyday situations. Building on from what learners know and guiding them from using concrete objects and representing their ideas to using abstract methods such as paper and pencil is how we manage the mathematics journey from R-7. A typical mathematics lesson is based on a three part framework of a warm up and explicit teaching, guided practice and review.

Victor Harbor R-7 provides a range of activities that develop students' understanding and ability to become numerate citizens. This may include things such as:

  • Exploring patterns in a tables chart
  • Making maps – drawing items at the set coordinates and following instructions to find a hidden treasure
  • Playing games to consolidate key ideas
  • Problem solving using many different strategies
  • Completing a real life investigation linking many areas of their mathematical understanding