Reading at Home

Being able to read and developing a love of reading is one of the most important things we can encourage in our children. Research confirms that reading to children for just 10 minutes each day strengthens their literacy skills, models positive behaviour and builds children's self-esteem about reading. Reading allows children to build their fluency, vocabulary and comprehension skills.

There are a few simple things parents and caregivers can do at home to help support their children with their reading:

How Can I Help my Child with Reading?

  • Ensure your child is exposed to a wide range of reading materials. (newspapers, magazines, ipad, puzzles, T.V. Guides, recipes) poems and rhymes.
  • Ensure your child knows that you value and enjoy reading.
  • Talk about the books you and your child are reading, ask questions, predict and compare the things that you read about.
    Read to your child as well as them reading to you.
  • Make it fun and praise and recognize successes, not focus on mistakes.
  • If a child makes a mistake when reading aloud, don’t interrupt reading, allow time for self correction. If the mistake doesn’t alter the meaning, let it go.
  • Encourage children to make their own books and use and play with words and text when ever possible.
    Most importantly, help develop a love of reading because the more they read, the better they will get