Christian Pastoral Support Workers

Victor Harbor R-7 School is fortunate to have the services of two Christian Pastoral Support Workers (CPSW).

Maureen has been a CPSW here for 15 years. Living in Victor Harbor with her husband, Maureen is heavily involved in the local community through the churches and school where she supports students, families and staff in countless ways.

Bethany started working at our school in 2012 and lives in Victor Harbor with her husband and two children. Holding degrees in Psychology and Counselling, Beth is thrilled to have become part of the Victor Harbor R-7 team, working with and supporting the school community.

Some activities that Maureen and Beth are involved with at our school are:

  • Providing lunchtime activities in the Students Services Centre
  • Working alongside teachers and students in the classrooms
  • Running the Breakfast Club on Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Accompanying classes on some excursions and camps
  • Cooking with the FLO Boys Group
  • Girls Group
  • Assisting with the transition of students in Reception and Year 7
  • Social Skills groups

Facts about Christian Pastoral Support Workers in SA

In a government school, the CPSW Program is primarily a service of pastoral care for students and their families, who want this support.

CPSWs are not in the school to evangelise on behalf of any particular faith.

Their role requires them to respect both the secular character of the Government School and the variety of  thoughts and beliefs within the school community.

The CPSW is jointly accountable to DECD through the School Principal, the Schools Ministry Group and the Victor Harbor Inter-Church Council.