Luke Kenny

Deputy Principal

Mr Kenny is 35 years old He has lots of friends that are teachers He decided to be Deputy Principal at our school because he likes to help teachers and students be the best they can be. He does like being Deputy Principal. He can’t remember who his reception teacher was. He lived in Coober Pedy before he came to our school. He went to Watervale Primary School and Clare High School. His favourite colour is green.

Author: Bella Bockman, Year 4 2017

Mr Kenny is a great Deputy Principal. He has two children and his favourite colour is green. His favourite animal is a dog. He loves all of the authors. His favourite band is Green Day. If he was not a teacher, he would be a tree cutter. He absolutely loves sport and art, In his spare time he does educational stuff with his children. He does stuff like kayaking, surfing and motor biking. His favourite season is summer.

On a scale of 1 to 10, he absolutely loves children. When I asked him what in the scale his answer would be, he said 10+. So please come to our school!

Author: Harmani Burdett, Year 3 2017

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